Zero In 500 ml Bed Bug Killer Spray, Long-Lasting, Solvent-Free, Odourless, Water-Based Household Treatment, Kills Bed Bugs and Dust Mites - Clear



  • Bed bug killer spray kills bed bugs and dust mites in the home and helps to prevent allergies
  • Clear, water based, non-solvent spray treatment for mattresses, beds and household furniture
  • Effective control of bed bug infestations with mattress and furniture killer spray; specifically formulated for use on and around sleeping areas
  • Contains cypermethrin
  • The date mentioned on the product is manufacturer date
Product Description


Bed Bug Killer Spray from Zero In provides effective control of bed bugs in household sleeping areas. Spray treatment can be applied to mattresses, beds and furniture in the home. Bed bug killer spray is clear, long-lasting and solvent-free.


Directions for Use



  • Shake the container before use. Turn the nozzle on the trigger to 'spray' position
  • Apply from approximately 30cm directly onto bedbugs and mattress
  • Treat areas where bed bugs activity is evident and apply to cracks and gaps where they may hide or nest
  • Repeat spray as required. After use, ensure the nozzle on the trigger is returned to 'off' position. Store the container in an upright position and protect from frost. Always wash hands after use

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