Vitax Tree Bands (2 Pieces)



  • Winter moth trap
  • Pest barrier for fruit trees
  • Pesticide free
  • Non-drying adhesive
  • Ideal for organic gardening

Vitax Tree Bands are an easy to use pest barrier for fruit trees. These tree bands will trap winter moths, caterpillars and crawling insects such as earwigs and ants on their non-drying adhesive surface.

Wingless female winter moths climb trees in October, November and December, and again in March, to lay their eggs. Winter moth caterpillars emerge in Spring to feed on the foliage, flowers and young fruit. Ants will climb trees and protect pests like greenfly and scale insects from predators to harvest the sugary honeydew produced. Vitax Tree Bands will effectively trap these pests before they can lay eggs or cause damage.

Vitax Tree Bands should be applied well above the ground and surrounding vegetation to prevent bridging, which may allow insects to avoid the Tree Bands. Vitax Tree Bands should also be used around any supporting tree posts. Inspect regularly to remove trapped leaves and debris, and replace if necessary. Vitax Tree bands are ideal for organic gardening and for use in combination with other methods of control.

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