Vitax Organic Rose Food Liquid Fertiliser, Natural, 1 Litre



  • For bright and healthy roses
  • Can also be used on other flowering plants
  • Increases healthy growth
  • Use once a week

Product Description

Vitax Organic Liquid Rose Food will help your roses achieve abundant blooms and brighter colours. This organic liquid food contains natural plant extracts and mineral nutrients, and contains high levels of potash with trace elements. As well as roses, it will improve flowering and promotes strong healthy growth of all flowering plants and fruit such as raspberries, strawberries and currants. Vitax Organic Liquid Rose Food should be used at weekly intervals during the spring and summer to moistened soil around the base of plants, or it can be used as a foliar spray in the early evening or during dull days. Each 1 litre bottle will give you 300 litres of feed

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