Vitax Blood, Fish & Bone 2.5kg Box - General purpose garden fertilizer



Traditional, organic-based, general purpose fertiliser

Encourages strong growth

Promotes healthy root development

Apply throughout the growing season

Vitax Fish, Blood and Bone is a natural garden fertilizer, containing organic ingredients that can be used as an alternative to chemical compound fertilizers such as GrowMore.

A good rate to put this on at would be 140g/m2.

Although usually used as a preseeding fertilizer, you can also use this as a natural summer or Autumn dressing to naturally increase soil fertility.

A  traditional fertiliser that is still favoured by many gardeners and, because it is produced from natural ingredients, is 100% organic.

It provides the three major nutrients needed for strong, healthy plants. Nitrogen encourages growth and rich green foliage; slow release phosphate promotes vigorous root development and the potash element helps improve flower colour and the ripening of fruit and vegetables.

Blood, Fish and Bone can be applied prior to sowing or planting and as required throughout the growing season.

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