Vitax 2L Liquid Tomato Feed



  • Use on tomatoes grown indoors or outdoors
  • Apply to individual plants following pack instructions
  • Apply from Spring right through the growing season for healthy crops of juicy tomatoes

This high potash fertiliser has been specially developed for tomato plants, whether they are grown outdoors, indoors, under cover or in grow bags. Just one litre of the high-concentrate liquid fertiliser makes 60 gallons of feed. Once mixed with water, it should be applied to individual plants throughout the growing season, according to pack instructions. For grow bag crops, feeding should be once a week until the second truss has set, when feeding should be increased to twice weekly. For outdoor crops, the feed should be applied every 14 days until the second truss has set and then increased to weekly intervals. For crops grown under cover, feeding should start when the second truss has set and then at weekly intervals.

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