The Big Cheese Advanced Pest Repeller, Humane, Ultra-Sound, Electromagnetic Rodent Pest Deterrent Repels Rats and Mice from the Home, Pulses Through Wiring to Reach Within Walls and Ceilings



  • Welfare-friendly plug-in sonic rodent deterrent combines ultra-sound and electromagnetic action to humanely repel rats and mice from the home
  • Dual-action combines ultra-sound waves and electromagnetic action to pulse through household wiring to reach rodent nest sites within walls, ceilings and wall cavities in the home
  • Ultra-sound, electromagnetic deterrent unit protects areas in the home of up to 37 sq m - safe for use around children and pets such as cats and dogs
  • Mouse and rat repeller is recommended for use once infestations in the home are under control - use to keep rodents away, continuous output of swept ultrasonic frequencies deters rats and mice
  • Enhanced pest repeller plugs directly into power sockets, can be used in garages, lofts, outbuildings, sheds and in the home, does not adversely affect electrical wiring or interfere with domestic appliances

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