Korbond Waterproof Laundry Pen



Korbond Laundry Pen consists of 10 labels, backed with a fusible liquid coating for a strong adhesion and a permanent indelible marker pen which has been developed to withstand continuous washing. The labels can be both ironed on or sewn on; sewing the edges is recommended to prevent fraying . The naming kit is a necessity for school uniforms to prevent lost or stolen clothing and belongings, and can also be used in other environments such as nursing homes where laundry is required to be labelled. The labels are versatile, and providing the garment or fabric has an easily accessible flat surface the labels can be easily applied following the instructions. Some suggestions for use may include; jackets & coats, sweaters & jumpers, shirts & blouses, trousers & skirts, blazers and other uniforms, sports wear, underwear, towels, blankets, sheets & pillow cases.

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