Korbond Extra Wide Web – 60mm x 8m, Bonding and Craft Projects – No Sewing Required – Ideal for Hems, Curtain, Jeans, Work Trousers, Badges & School Clothes



Korbond Hemming web is quick and easy to use providing a sew-free hem in an instant. The easiest way to alter trousers, dresses, and curtains, without having to thread a needle or set up a sewing machine.  Extra Wide Hemming Web makes light work of large, heavy projects. Easy to apply: . 1) Cut hemming web to the required length. 2) Heat iron to a hot temperature and a low steam setting. 3) Insert hemming web in-between to layers of the garment. 4) Apply iron heat for 30 seconds. 5) Test bond . 6) Repeat if necessary

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