Korbond Cotton Extra Wide Iron On Mender – Black - 12cm x 45cm – Invisible Permanent Mending – No Sewing Required - Ideal for Clothes & Garments: Trousers, Dresses, Jeans, Jumpers, Linen, School



Make do and Mend No longer a thing of the past, the disposable view modern life has given on clothes is having a negative impact on the environment. Korbond Iron on Mender makes light work of an age old saying, no longer requiring you to pick up a needle or learn to thread a sewing machine, it’s easier than ever to extend the life of your favourite clothes. Instructions: Tidy frayed edges from torn or ripped areas and turn garment inside out. Make a pattern of the hole/tear with paper. Using the pattern, cut a suitable piece of surplus material or a piece of fabric chosen to match. Place material in the hole, ready to place another piece of mender on top. Cut mender larger than damaged area and round the corners with scissors to prevent fraying. Place mender, adhesive side down, over the material and hole/tear on the inside of the garment. Set iron to required temperature. Place ironing cloth over the garment and iron for required time. Allow to cool for 5 minutes, test to see if fully bonded. If not fully bonded, repeat step above.

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