Korbond 100 Safety Assorted Sizes (5cm, 3.5cm & 2.5cm)  for Pinning, Fastening, Securing Clothing, Crafting and Household Use



On the Go Mending  Good quality safety pins are worth their weight in gold when faced with a broken zipper, tear in a garment or emergency discreet pinning. Multiple sizes allow you to quickly and seamlessly mend when on the move, so don’t forget to pack your pins    For the Crafters   Jewellery, brooches, sewing and quilting are just some of the use’s crafters can find for Korbond Safety Pins.    For the Athletes   When taking on a challenge such as a marathon, endurance event or triathlon, the last thing that needs to be of concern is your bib detaching mid race. Korbond Safety Pins feature a secure locking device and contain enough pins to help out your whole team.

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