Bamboo Steamer 20cm-8in



Made from high-quality bamboo
20cm (Dia) / 8" (Dia)
2-tiers allows you to cook separate dishes
Great for cooking and serving a variety of foods
Fits most woks and pans
Hand wash only

This Bamboo Steamer is made from high-quality bamboo wood with a lattice design lid. Its round shape means it can fit securely over any sized pot and wok. You can cook almost anything in this steamer from vegetables to fish fillets but they are particularly ideal for cooking and serving dim sum and other foods such as baozi, rice, couscous and dumplings. Having two-tiers means you can cook two different foods at the same time, with a handle to allow you to separate and pick-up the two trays.

Did you know, steaming is a much gentler and healthier approach than poaching and even boiling and it also retains all the vitamins, minerals and flavours.

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